Blogging on the go…

So wow, I just found out that there is an app for Blogger. Talk about, where have I been all this time? Oh wait, I am in the hospital to fulfill my duties as a senior medical intern, thus why I all but abandoned my Blogger account; in fact I just found out I have 3 posts on draft… I might get myself to finish them, or at least my tribute for my 4 years in medical school so I can publish it. Time will tell.

For tomorrow, I will be on duty yet again in the hospital, but I will try and blog my first real blog outside the confines of my home. Yes, I may be blogging with the app on my iPad right now, but I am currently tucked in my bed at home. Tomorrow will be the first official blog on the road! Quite excited! Now I can write again… It has been eons since I have written for my blog, for a school paper, for a local paper, for anything, and my skills as a journalist is gradually dissipating. Such a shame because it took years for me to define my style of writing and now I can’t seem to link words together like I used to when I was younger and certainly more of an avid writer.
Anyways, even though my career path is not that on the media, I can still write medical related articles in the future. And what is the best way for me to get my creativity back in writing than to get back into active blogging. Now… Here’s to happy blogging once again!

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