No Pain No Gain

Sadly, I was slapped with some demerits in the Dept of IM in JBL, to no fault of my own; in fact, I never received a demerit that is directly due to my own doing… no, it was, and will always be secondary to a group fault……. again that is not to my own doing.
Anyways, there is no way in hell that I am going back to that department the way things are now, and was told that I can trade in my blood for the demerits I have received.
YES. I must donate blood.
Anyone who knows me that I have a great many fears, one of which is needles… And for the life of me! The size of the needles used for phlebotomy is huge! But it is simply a case of what is my least greater fear? Donate blood with that humongous needle? Or go back to the hell hole? NEEDLE IT IS!
So, I am planning to donate tomorrow… Oh Lord, don’t let me collapse (imagine that, a doctor to be collapsing due to a needle).

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