Got High in Our Class Picture

I was literally high during our class photo this morning… as tradition, after 2 or so serious shots, there comes the wacky shot, and I was high because my classmates who are taller than me (that is 98% of the class that are taller than me), lifted me up in the air for fun. It goes to show how me and my classmates get along; has to be, since we’ve known each other for nearly 4 years now, and being in medicine, the bonds are a lot stronger than normal friends.

It was great seeing my other classmates’ faces again, since clerkship begs our class to be separated in groups for the different rotations per department. There were no cheesy hugs or anything, but we knew, from the way we simply smiled and talked from hours on end, that we missed each other and were happy to see each other again.

Just a few more hurt and we are done with our studies and on to the next level… PUSH!

This will be another short post LOL


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