Playing Doctor…

I have returned to my medical clerkship this morning after being struck down with measles and was out of the loop for 2 weeks as a result of it.
I must say, having to get my body used to the workload, having to get used to being a slave all over again, and having to train mentally and emotionally to deal with all the banter, insults, demands of patients just because we have yet to have our very own coveted white coat, is quite overwhelming as I am not totally recovered from my illness just yet, and having to do all these in one day, is just a tall task. But its a tall task that I can do, indeed.
The only thing that is hovering over my head right like silly friend rearing his/her ugly head while your texting your significant other is that I have a pre-operation report tomorrow that I just received the chart to study tonight (in which I will do after a power nap LOL). I hope I won’t get eaten alive tomorrow.
Overall, I can say that it’s good, no, it is great, to be back in clerkship. 3 weeks to go, before our class review for the comprehensive exams and its graduation. 3 weeks, gotta be strong. Just 3 more weeks.
Now, I will take my power nap, and hopefully return later tonight with enough energy to kick ass in tomorrow’s pre-operation report. FIGHT!

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