To my birthday girl.. My mother!

Today happens to be my mother’s birthday, and it also turns out that I need not go to Arayat for community service. Perfect.

Being the youngest, I would obviously get the favor of my parents, and being the only son, I would get the favor of my mother. So it is clear that me and mother share a strong bond. I am after all, a self declared mother’s boy and I am proud to let the whole world know about that.

I went out with my mom, which by the way, is like the best date in the world! I mean, she would constantly pay for the meals, and such. Even if it is her birthday, parents, and in my case, my mother can still spoil me even if I insist that I would pay for the meals even just for today, but to no avail! Why resist? LOL

I just want to post a blog about my simple day in the local mall and local restaurants with my special girl in the world in her special day. It is a supreme blessing that I have no duty today and was able to hang out with my mother whom I haven’t hung out with in ages thanks to my clerkship. But God always knows how to give us what we want when we least expect it.

Of course, my mother’s birthday isn’t over yet, me and my second eldest sister are going to treat her to dinner tonight, and even if she insists on paying again, we will really resist! I am just glad that I got to spend time with my mom like I used to when I was younger. We used to travel a lot together, but age and certain responsibilities have caught up with the both of us to do these as much as we used to.

Anyways, here’s to my mom! Happy Birthday! Love yah!!

Date with my birthday girl!


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