I always like the rain; no one can see me crying
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Second night in a row that I decided to shoot macro with a reversed lens. I reverted back to shooting wide open and suffer the loss of depth of field, but at least, some parts of the shot are more in focus than my previous feeble attempt to shoot with a much smaller aperture in hopes to getting a better depth of field.
Anyways, I will have more time by next week to shoot macros as I am very close in deciding whether to get that focus rail or not. With that I have several options: first, I can buy the 160mm focus rail alone, as this may be enough for my macro needs; second, get the 260mm, the only reason why I am considering this length is that they price between the 2 lengths are not that astronomical; lastly, get 2 160mm rails, have one move forward and back, and the other moving left and right.
As always, I will ponder about this a lot more before deciding what set up to buy.
That’s is all.
Keep shooting and never look back!

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