The Sulfur Show AKA 2013 New Year’s Fireworks Display!

As mentioned in my previous post, I was supposed to dedicate one entry as a tutorial of sorts on what are the settings I used often when taking photographs of fireworks; it can be very tricky to get the right timing of the fireworks display alone, and to actually formulate the base settings to achieve what you intend in the shot in that short time frame is daunting to say the least; I will go over them. And there are times where you got a wonderful display only to be let down to see in your DSLR’s LCD that there is a tree or another anomaly blocking the view or even that the fireworks display you took of was a tad too late and you only got ONE of the fireworks in your shot; with the advent of post-processing programs, we can remedy that. Well, I will post that tutorial before the 4th of July later this year to prep you guys/gals for the event.
I’ve got at least 2 or 3 more fireworks display shots which I haven’t post-processed just yet; classes have began, and in such a way! I had an exam and 2 reports on the first day, and this coming week, I got 2 reports and 4 exams. So, that’s why I am being slow (again) in post-processing some photos.
Anyways, below are but a few shots that I actually got to work on; click on the photo to get redirected to my Flickr Photostream. If you do own a Flickr account, do not hesitate to add me up there.
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New Year 2013!
New Year 2013!
New Year 2013!

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