Inside My Moonpool With Some Caterpillars

That is, of course, a reference to Moonpools and Caterpillars, a Fil-Am rock band, that were prominent in the 90s.

I was too young to actually own my own records, but thankfully having 2 cool sisters who are really into alternative rock, and rock in general, had 1 of their records, specifically their acclaimed album “Lucky Dumpling”.

Remembering how my eldest sister would play “Soon” over and over to the annoyance of our parents, but to my delight, and certainly her own. Other songs in that album were and still are amazing up to this day. Not knowing what title the songs were other than for the song “Soon”, I care not as I simply enjoyed the tunes.

My eldest sister, Maggie, then went back to the States and decided to live there, leaving me and my other older sister, Debbie, to be the only kids left at home with our parents. As she left, so did the music… Debbie however did take over control of how music would be played at our house; sure, there were alternative rock in her veins and it is heard in the music she’d play on her CD player, but will soon be taken over by R’n’B, Hip-Hop, and the like. A nemesis to one’s ears such as mine, who is a true blue, rocker.

When I finally gotten older enough, I finally got to define my own music, albeit, only in my room and not as dominating the house as my sisters’ music once did. Purely rock and it’s many diverse subcategories, from blues rock, alternative rock, progressive, and heck, even J-Rock, I’ve heard them all (Well, of course, I am exaggerating).

Years gone past since my sister left for the states, and the idea of Moonpools faded as time went past; just cleaned my room a week ago, and like the Ring of Power showing up to Smeagle’s friend (before inevitably being killed by Smeagle and took it for himself and became Gollum; I didn’t kill anyone by the way), I found the cassette tape of Moonpools and Caterpillars’ Lucky Dumpling and “Soon” became my precious.

Sadly, I no longer have a cassette player, but was enough to remind me to search for their songs at YouTube.

Memories come rushing back in, and the songs I never knew the title of, finally became known to me. It is like finding a lost treasure, only to find out what they really are, and what they really are, are even more special.

Music, to me, nowadays, are just released because the contract demands it and the money is there. Gone are the days where music were written for… the love of it all.

I will not be those wannabes in YouTube saying “Oh, I wish I was not born on this generation, I wish I was born in the 80s” or the like. Well, I grew up in the 90s (Figuratively grew up in the 90s), and I was in the generation most kids dare hope to be born in. Well I say this, even if I were born in 89, I don’t wish to be born early enough to enjoy The Beatles in their prime. No. I am happy to be born at 1989, well past the prime of some great bands in their respective era, and happy enough to reap the joys of the internet, knowing that great bands before I was born I can easily read about in Wikipedia and hear in YouTube or the like.

I just ranted there.

Anyways, I am getting out of line.

Might as well end here for now.



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