Little Bundle of Joy!

Hold up! No, I am not a father per se… I don’t have a fiance to impregnate, let alone, a girlfriend!

Anyways, I got me a brand new kitten that is simply sweet. She is normal domestic kitten, no special breed whatsoever, but still the most gorgeous kitten I ever owned. Wished she was a grey kitten though, but orange/white ain’t too bad either.

My first kitten way back then was a bit of a problem kitten (urinates and defecates everywhere!), but this kitten was immediately litter trained and is so well behaved; only being noisy when she wants attention… that’s gonna be a problem since I am not at home most of the time. LOL

Oh yeah, I named her “Yuuki” which is Japanese for courage, if I am not mistaken.

So most probably the next couple of photos I will be taking in the near future will be about Yuuki-kun!

That’s all buddies! Keep shooting and never look back!



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