What Do You Expect From a Judge Named Moriarty?

I just read an article from TekSyndicate.com (Click Here for the article) about Diane Tran, a 17 year old honor student in Willis, Texas, who was sent to prison and given a fine for missing “too much school”.

In the article written by LittleViking, it was said that Diane’s parents just recently had a divorce and they just left her and her siblings (one younger sister and one older brother) alone. Obviously, now since both her parents have gone their own ways, this left her and her siblings with no financial support.

Diane has since been scouring for jobs to just make ends meet at the of the day. With juggling 2 jobs, in order to support her younger sister and support her older brother’s college expenses, it is no surprise that she has to miss out on school. But even so! Her grades are high!

So why Judge Moriarty would even try and slap her with a sentence for imprisonment and a $100 fine is just bonkers. Have a heart! It is not like she is totally losing sight in her studies for missing some days thanks to work to support her siblings; just look at her grades! Look at her determination! In the article, her classmate and co-worker, Devin Hill, said that she stay up until 7am just to get her homework done. She is, by no means, losing focus, or disrespecting her studies. Not one bit!

It’s as LittleViking said in her article, “She has done what her parents failed to do, she is supporting her family–and she’s still maintaining an impressive work load.”; indeed she has. And to just put her in jail like that, give her a fine like that, for what she has gone through and what she is doing for her family, missing a couple of days of school seems irrelevant.

Please click the hyperlink to get redirected to the article where you can even find another link to give you some information to Judge Moriarty.

Diane deserves to know that what she is doing is valiant and very much appreciated, not just by her siblings, but all of us else. Once I find a way to digitally contact her, I will give her my praise and respect. She will also be in my prayers. Someone as strong as her… deserves to be trending online! No offense to American Idol or anything, but this deserves to be trending more.


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