Bright Ideas Expanding… Again?

As I have mentioned before, I will venture into music and video editing later this year. And yes, I will still be doing that. But as I met up with some old buddies of mine yesterday, they heard about my digital art interests and now they want to jump in the action. Apart from simple digital art, they even want to go as far as making graphic novels that we will host ourselves in a website that I will be creating later on.
We are trying to monetize these (yes, it is awful to think that I am trying to sell out, but hey, we need money to pay bills LOL) by way of ads and the alike. I am also trying to raise my service fee for photography and computer repair. These earnings, as humble they may ever be, is still a blessing for us, as a simple private company working mainly as a hobby, to make ends meet.
In time, I hope you, the readers, the followers, in this site and my various other sites/profiles, will spread about my “Bright Ideas Media” website/blog and it’s subsidiary website/blog by word of mouth, liking through FB, sharing through Twitter, +1 by way of Google +, etc.
Don’t worry, we won’t be to corporate about this and become a faceless money grubbing company. We won’t ever sell out. Just want us to be a little more “famous” and earn a few won’t hurt one bit to make ends meet.
Thanks my buddies!!

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