Water Drops/Splash

I apologize for my recent absence in maintaining my blog site; games, friends, music, events, and every other outside interests have… well… kept me interested. LOL
Typical of any amateur photographer as myself, I get excited with small photo projects to improve and expand my knowledge in the field. And typical of any amateur photographer as myself, found a fun project to do, that is, capturing water drops/splashes. Once again, typical of any amateur photographer, hurriedly tried it out for him or herself.
I will admit, it is summer here, and even the night doesn’t change the fact that it is hot. Imagine any hot Victoria’s Secret model… without… the model… Okay, I lost myself there. Anyways, the heat wasn’t at all helpful in setting this shot up; as the case may be, I am a one man studio, so I had only myself to set everything up for the shot. To top it all off, my room isn’t a dedicated photography studio; I have guitars, computers, books, action figures, etc., and in doing so, made it even more difficult to set up in my room and had to be quite creative with the lack of actual props. Yes, I am a modern day MacGyver when I set up my shots. LOL I do want his mullet anyways…
Here are my shots and for more shooting info, just click the photo to get redirected to my Flickr account.
If Time Stood Still
If Time Stood Still
If Time Stood Still
If Time Stood Still
If Time Stood Still
It is important to note however, that these are my first attempt at this type of photography and was unable to stop down the aperture a tad more to make the peak of the splash more sharp. As always, there is always next time to remedy that!
So that’s it for now!

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