Like Father, Like Son; My Roots in Photography?

Like Father, Like Son
Trying my hand at off-shoe flash photography after months and months of actually owning a wireless flash trigger, I couldn’t seem to find a good subject, so I settled with my Dad’s (now mine) Canon AE-1 SLR; bittersweet because I want to learn film but this is a Canon LOL (I gotten too used to Nikon).
Used a Nikon D5000 here mounted on a tripod, my Sigma 30mm f/1.4 and a YN RF-602 to trigger my YN-465 on the right. Shot at manual IIRC (Click the photo to see my complete settings). Had to use a black background in the confined space of my room and out of nowhere I decided to use some of the Christmas lights to mix with it. Not sure if it was a great idea, but it did however give the Soligor 28-200mm lens an interesting effect.
Something humbling about shooting a film SLR as subject with a DSLR; made me want to learn film photography real bad. So, later in the week, I will purchase some films, preferably black and white.
Its also quite humbling knowing that my Dad, at my age, was also into photography; he has all the gear! Its something me and my Dad can share in common other than the NFL. It was something that was bound to happen, I gained my love of (alternative rock) music from my sisters, I gained my love for the guitar (and other instruments) from my Mom, so it won’t be a surprise if I got something from my Dad, and that is photography.
Looking back at his old photos, we certainly have different views within the view finder, but there are still some similarities in terms of our take in street photography and event photography.
To think, I wanted to just practice how to shoot off-shoe flash photography, I opened up new things about my roots in photography, being able to have a blast of the past to gain new ideas, and on top of that I INHERITED MY DAD’S FILM SLR! Such a series of events…
Like Father, Like Son

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