Food, Gifts, and Games… This can only mean…

Medicine II Christmas Party! LOL
So, what better way to celebrate freedom from classes and welcome the Christmas season (better late then never!) than to throw a classroom party!? With food, gifts, and games, I can’t think of anything better!
Its really a simple get together of friends; but the fact that it was spent with friends, you can easily overlook the simplicity of events. It can trump even the most fancy of events…
I took the liberty to take a lot of shots (mostly posted in my Facebook account) using only my prime lens, the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 and my Yong Nuo 465 TTL flash. It countered most of the different color temperature from the lights in the room, so I’m glad I used my flash because in most instances, using my prime, I don’t have the need to have more light since I shoot nearly wide open from f/2 to f/2.8.
Here are some of the shots during the event (some of the shots I’ve taken, I will be editing to have, as Jared Polin would say, the “boomified” effect, and will be posting here in the next entry):

Above, some of my classmates; simply the best!
The shot above, according to Richard (Left), you can easily draw me by adding the following: a goatee, a mustache, and glasses (the first 2 in particular are my supposed trademark among the class, LOL) to absolutely anything; this drawing is ironic, ’cause I shaved that morning!
Here, we have Anne officially writing a Merry Christmas to us all.

Above, with any party, you MUST have a special guest. Our special guest is extremely special! Our classmate Bianca’s son… I have forgotten his name though. LOL

This shot looks wrong doesn’t it?

This is a shot of Ryan Joe in one of the many games held. This game in particular, we (yes, I joined in this game) had to retrieve five straws cut into TINY pieces buried underneath flour using our mouths.

Last photo for this entry. Here, you can see me (far right) with the dudes in the aftermath of the “digging-through-the-flour-with-our-lovely-faces-to-retrieve-tiny-straws-for-a-toblerone-and-wonder-if-it-was-worth-it-all-this-time” game.
And there you have it! Some shots to give you the gist of our party; Simple as it is, it was extremely fun nonetheless!! I was even doubly fortunate to have had 2 Christmas parties last night; my class’ Christmas party and the AUFMC’s Christmas party (which will be blogged about some time later). A great way to welcome the Christmas break and an escape from the hectic schedule of being a medical student and to do away with some awful exams even for just a couple of weeks.


All these pictures have not been post processed as made evident by the lack of “boomification” and my watermark =D


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