Behind Those "Shower" Curtains…

Behind Those Shower Curtains... by Chan's Bright Ideas
Behind Those Shower Curtains…, a photo by Chan’s Bright Ideas on Flickr.

These shots were taken way back November 12, 2011, at Marquee Mall. Hanging out with my good buddy, Brian, I thought of taking some interesting shots…

It took nearly the whole day for me to hunt anything and everything to make a photo of. Not wanting to leave empty handed, I went for the “Cliche”… take a shot of the water fountains at night. I think it turned out well, considering I forgot my tripod so I am unable to take longer shutter speed shots.

This kid’s shot would’ve been great if I had a longer exposure and a tripod… but oh well, take it and learn from it as they say.

Water, taken in moderation, cannot hurt anybody...



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