YES, I stepped on poop earlier this day; nearly ruined my whole day. Well, this entry isn’t about all the nutritious benefits of stepping on poop can do to your kicks. No not at all, in fact, this post has… a deeper value.
Well, not really.
Having just got back from ONA (Ospital Ning Angeles), most likely the last group of medical students to have left the scene, fresh from the showers, and waiting for dinner, I thought of writing down my experience in ONA to kill the time.
Today, my group and I were tasked to report our patients’ histories, and knowing that this is our first time interviewing a real patient, mistakes must be made… WOW! In my case, I made a lot of errors that were, in a way, common sense questions that should’ve been asked. YES, we were grilled, and that’s saying just the least, BUT, we did learn a lot today. And that is what’s it all about, right? We weren’t presenting to awe our preceptor today, its about our preceptor telling us how to BECOME BETTER “historians”. Albeit getting grilled and all, we definitely got we were after… to learn.
My groups’ patients were somehow the epitome of what Dr. House would always say, “everybody lies”. They would either twist their stories in our expense; they’d lie about the frequency they take their prescribed medications; even say that “okay lang po ako” when you can clearly see something wrong with them. Human nature? I don’t know… but everybody does lie.
Another notable event today was when our preceptor gave us the opportunity to listen to one of his patient’s heart sounds as he was suffering from heart failure; I can’t say that i can readily tell the difference between normal heart sounds and that of an abnormal one… LOL
Time for me to eat dinner since it’s finally ready and then hit the books later (sobs pharmacology).

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