Set This Soul Alight 2

Set This Soul Alight by Chan's Bright Ideas

As I mentioned last post, the next post would be about the rest of my shots of candles and this glass plant thingy…
How did I decide to take shots of candles? Well, in all honesty, I wanted to take a special self portrait at first to commemorate my 100th photo post in my other site… I got a tad bit lazy to fix myself, or at the very least, try to be “socially aesthetic”, but whatever.
Since I got lazy and was hungry to take some shots, I saw my tea candles (yes, I am a guy and I have tea candles in my room… what about it?) and since my last attempt of shooting a tea candle was subpar, or lackluster, I thought of trying it again.
After 50 or so shots, trying different angles, different positioning of the candles, getting hot wax here and there; I chose 6 of the photos I’ve taken. (All of which, including the photo from my last post will be placed at the bottom of the post)
I can’t say I am all that happy with all these shots, and who would be after getting hot wax all over yourself? But having a good feedback from the sites I’ve posted these, I can say, it was worth the pain, albeit, not really quite happy with the results of the photos even after post processing.
But there is never such thing as a bad photo, right? Okay, maybe there is such a thing, but you learn from them nonetheless… This is but a stepping stone towards me improving every aspect of my skills in photography.
Here are the rest of the shots… Click on the photos to view them larger and see the settings I used in taking them.
Set This Soul Alight

Set This Soul Alight

Set This Soul Alight

Set This Soul Alight

Set This Soul Alight



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